Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Book Tag: #RockMyTBR Book Tag

I am participating in the #RockMyTBR reading challenge in 2016, and the host, Sarah K from The YA Book Traveler, has put together a book tag for people to do as part of the challenge. This is a song and book tag, so there are ten songs for which you must find a book from your TBR pile to match. Here's what I chose.

1. SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT (Nirvana) – A Contemporary I Want to Read
I don't read many contemporaries as I'm more of a fantasy/sci-fi girl, but I'm trying to get into the genre more.
2. SHUT UP AND DANCE (Walk the Moon) – Most Anticipated Book You Have
This book has gotten so much hype and people rave about it, so I cannot wait to read it.

3. CENTURIES (REMIX) (Fall Out Boy) – A Twist on a Classic or Fairy Tale
Not only does this book have a beautiful cover but I have also heard great things about it. This is a retelling of One Thousand and One Nights.
4. YOSHIMI BATTLES THE PINK ROBOTS (The Flaming Lips) – A Science Fiction Book or a Book Set in the Future
I got this book for Christmas and, after seeing the movie twice and loving it, I am very excited to read this.
5. SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT (5 Seconds of Summer) – A Book with a Girl on the Cover
The first book in this series was amazing, but I haven't gotten around to the second one yet.
6. AFRICA (Toto) – A Book Set in a Foreign Country
A classic by Charles Dickens, this book is set in London, England.
7. ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST (Queen) – A Book or Books That Will Complete a Series
After reading the first four books in this series, I for some reason didn't pick up the last book. But I'm planning on finishing it out this year.
8. SOMEONE NEW (Hozier) – A Book by an Author You Haven’t Read Yet
Though Cinda Williams Chima has written many books, I haven't read any of them yet.
9. HELLO (Adele) –  A Book You DNF or Weren’t in the Mood for at the Time
Although this book has been listed as one of the best YA books of 2015, but I've tried to read it and I can't seem to get into it. But I'm going to try again.
10. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (Kylie Minogue)–  A Book you Bought Because of the Cover
I saw this book at Barnes & Noble and bought it blind, knowing nothing about it. The cover has since been changed but I like this one better.
And that's the end of the book tag! I tag everyone doing the #RockMyTBR reading challenge and everyone who reads this post. Comment below if you do the tag so I can read your posts!

Original tag: The YA Book Traveler

Happy reading!


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